Winter WiperTags Video Goes VIRAL!

Winter WiperTags Video Goes VIRAL!

In mid November, our Waving Winter WiperTags video went viral on Facebook and reached almost 9 million people, being shared over 80k times!  Unfortunately, we were not prepared for it, which caused some delays.  We had over 1,000 orders received in ONE DAY!

 winter WiperTags video

But we stepped up production, running 24/7 to make and fulfill thousands of orders within a small window of time.  We had a few hiccups, and turned off our Amazon, Etsy, and stores to funnel everything through

This is why our products are 100% MADE IN USA!  It would not have been possible to get this done with overseas production.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all involved for getting it done!      

Keith Bernauer
Owner, WiperTags

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