Custom Designs & Fundraising

We've made THOUSANDS of custom designs for businesses, schools, teams, and other organizations, as well as individuals.  


We help get your brand in the places you want to be seen - sporting events, shopping centers, grocery stores, schools, and in traffic.  Especially when put in motion, WiperTags generate a high level of visibility and social sharing with a viral component.  Customers LOVE to share their pics and videos withe the world on social media. 

NBCF Saber wiper breast cancer fundraiser

You can purchase bulk directly from us and resell on your own or we can add your branded designs to our website and sell to your customers and fans.  We can customize a program that works best for your business and customers, including a licensing and royalty agreement.    

Email to get started.   


This is a great option for schools, teams, leagues, and non-profit organizations.  We can customize designs with your logo, colors, mascot, and message (min 20 pieces).  We have hundreds of design ideas to choose from.  WiperTags typically resell for around $12-$15 or $19 with a decal combo.  

Email for inquiries about fundraising.   


  • 20-49 $9 ea

  • 50-99 $8 ea

  • 100+ $7 ea

  • 250+ $6 ea

  • 500+ (message us for quote)

Removable, laminated, UV protected window decals are $2 ea (min 50). $1.75 for 100+. 

See pics below, and check out our Spirit WiperTags and decals for schools and teams: