Animals & Pets

83 products

Various animal and pet design WiperTags attach to rear vehicle wiper blade arms.  Dogs, cats, reptiles,...

Arms & Legs

39 products

Assortment of arms and legs WiperTags with various gestures and motions attach to rear vehicle wiper...

Business & Occupation

81 products

Assortment of WiperTag designs for small businesses, careers, and hobbies.  A great way to advertise your...

Causes & Awareness

21 products

Various ribbon and other designs to promote awareness and support.


42 products

Full character design WiperTags with window decal and wiper attachment.


68 products

SAVE up to 50% on closeout WiperTag designs.


12 products

Flag designs for all over the world.

Heroes and Villains

53 products

Various fan art designs of superheroes and villains.


51 products

Holiday WiperTags for just about any occasion.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

3 products

You and your kids are going to LOVE these adorable WiperTags and decals, inspired by the children's books,...

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