Frequently Asked Questions

Are WiperTags compatible with my vehicle?

This is the most common question we get, and 99% of the time the answer is YES.  WiperTags are universal sized to fit most all rear wipers, with the exception of a few vehicles.  The size of your wiper BLADE does not matter.  WiperTags attach to the wiper ARM, which holds the blade.  The WiperTag can be shorter or longer than your wiper arm.  


See below examples, and if you're still not sure you can email us at

 WiperTags sample sizes compatibilities     WiperTags compatible wipers

Some rear wiper arms are in several pieces which flex when the wiper is on. Make sure you attach the strips to the main section (longest) of the wiper arm. Attaching to the outer sections may cause the strips to come unlocked when the wiper is on.


How can I swap a new WiperTag for my current one?

  • Remove existing WiperTag (separate LOCK strips but leave base set on wiper)
  • Separate a set of NEW LOCK strips and attach them to the existing ones on the wiper first. Press firmly until they lock snap. 
  • Peel the backs from strips and firmly press on the new WiperTag design (make sure it is level). Doing it this way ensures the LOCK strips align perfectly. Also see VIDEO HERE 

My wiper is mounted on the top.  Will it still work?

Most designs will work fine on top mounted wipers. Some newer vehicles have 'hidden' rear wipers on the top, which are only in view when the rear wiper is on.  On these designs, the WiperTag is only visible when the rear wiper is on.  If your WiperTag does not fit, you may return for a refund within 30 days of purchase.  

top mounted wipertag

Sample Eddie the Elf design shown mounted on top rear wiper.  


Do WiperTags stay on while the vehicle is in motion? 

Yes.  WiperTags are designed to stay attached while the vehicle and wipers are motion. There is little to no wind resistance on rear windows because of aerodynamic designs, so WiperTags are not impacted.  

WiperTags wind resistance on a wiper

What is your return policy?

WiperTags are returnable up to 30 days after the purchase date with the exceptions of custom designs (school, league, business...) WiperTags must be in like new condition. Once received, a full refund* of the product will be issued within 7 days.  Please use our contact form before returning for instructions and address in Fisherville, KY. *Does not include shipping and handling costs. 

When will my product ship after ordering?

Stocked designs typically ship within 1-2 business days.  During the holiday seasons this can extend to up to 2-3 days.  You will receive a notification when your order is shipped.  Turnaround time for custom orders is 3-4 weeks. Wholesale orders is usually 2-5 days to ship (if in stock) but can extend to 30 days for large quantities. 

How do they attach? 

WiperTags use outdoor commercial grade LOCK strips which are 50x stronger than Industrial Strength Velcro, but REMOVE CLEANLY from your vehicle with no sticky mess.  The LOCK strips are durable in changing weather such as snow, sleet, and sun. The LOCK strips allow the WiperTags to snap on and off of your vehicle so you can interchange designs and remove as needed.

Will they come off in a car wash?

Because all car washes are different and some are more forceful than others, we do recommend removing prior to entering.  The spinning brushes and high powered downward blowers can loosen them. This information is included on the back of our packaging. For additional security some customer add a couple of zip ties to hold them on.

How do I clean them?
To get the most longevity from your WiperTag we recommend just mild soap and water.  You can use a clean, wet sponge or towel to wipe clean and dry.  

Are they magnetic?

They are not. Magnets are not strong enough to stay attached to wipers and most newer rear wipers have plastic covers. 

What makes them so unique?

WiperTags are not cookie cutter, so we can make into just about any shape.  When in motion, they create fun effects not available with other vehicle accessories.  Unlike magnets, they are UV protected and do not damage your vehicle.  Unlike decals, they are removable and interchangeable.  We have a patent application on the process and attachment method.    

Are they universal fit? Will they fit on wipers on either side?
See above diagram.  WiperTags are designed to fit just about any rear wiper, and most are between 10-16” long. It’s not the size of the actual wiper blade that matters, but the length of the wiper arm and distance between the bottom of the wiper arm and top of the window. They can also overhang the wiper arm several inches.

Can you make custom designs for schools, sports, and organizations?  
Yes, we make thousands of designs for schools and teams, as well as businesses, non-profits, and other organizations.  Email us at to get started with some mockup designs.

What are they made of? Will they crack or fade?
We use durable materials and processes to ensure our products hold up in varying hot and cold temperatures without cracking. Our commercial grade UV protected inks ensure color longevity overtime.  We get rave reviews from customers in sun soaked cities surprised how well they hold their color and shape.   

Will they damage my vehicle or wiper motor?
WiperTags only weigh a couple ounces, so there is little to no impact on rear wipers, which are designed to move ice and heavy snow. WiperTags are also designed to be easily removable when you're done with them. The LOCK strips can be peeled off without permanently adhering to your vehicle. 

How long have WiperTags been around?
WiperTags launched in spring 2014 and we have hundreds of thousands of WiperTags on vehicles across the US and international.  We are expanding to distributors nationally and internationally to bring WiperTags to a store near you.

How are they interchangeable and what else could I put on?
We have hundreds of designs to choose from on our site and add new ones every week, so customers can buy different designs and swap them out. You can also follow us on Facebook and social media new designs.  @wipertags 

Where are they made?
WiperTags are manufactured in Louisville, KY which includes storage and distribution. All products are shipped direct from the facility.

Can packaging be customized for retail use? What all is included?
YES! We have two different size packages, standard, and character. They are both packaged in a durable zip lock plastic bag with built in hanger holes. Package includes insert with instructions and care.

Retail packaging (standard on left, character on right)

Retail packaged WiperTags designs

Installation Video: