About WiperTags

WiperTags, LLC is headquartered in Louisville, KY.  We manufacturer high quality products that attach to your automotive rear wipers and bumpers, as well as commercial grade removable window decals.  WiperTags are weather resistant, fade resistant, detachable, and interchangeable for other designs.  
  • Made from lightweight, durable, flexible, material and printed with UV protected fade resistant ink.
  • Very easy to install using patented LOCK strips which enable them to be detached and interchangeable.  
  • WiperTags lock on tightly, and will not come off while the vehicle and wipers in motion.  They can only be removed when you're ready to detach them.
  • Unlike bumper stickers, WiperTags are removable and interchangeable for different seasons, sports, hobbies, etc.
  • WiperTags are a new, fun and unique way to advertise or promote your school, league, team, business or organization.

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