We will not make this design. Here is why.

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It's kind of sad that we have to post this, but we continue to get requests for "middle finger" designs. We are a family-friendly product and company with a goal of spreading joy to others throughout the world, especially those stuck in traffic.  We think we're accomplishing this, one design at a time, and don't plan on going the other direction.  We think we're accomplishing this, one design at a time. 

So, imagine this for a second. You're sitting in traffic with your kids and decide to let someone out in front on you. They pull out and you get a middle finger flashing in front of you. You become angry, and your kids are uncomfortable. You're also embarrassed so you try and distract your kids and pass the vehicle as quickly as you can.  Is that the type of experience we want while driving?

It's estimated up to 1,500 people are killed or injured in road rage incidents every year. Nearly 80% of drivers express significant anger and aggression while driving. The last thing we want to do is help contribute to that.  

We currently have over 200 designs and add new ones regularly.  We have hundreds of new requests each month.  One question we always ask is, "will it make people smile?"  If it doesn't meet that test, we usually pass.  We hope you enjoy our product designs for many years, and although we can't make everyone happy, we do our best.

Thank you.

Keith Bernauer

Owner, WiperTags

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