Peep-a-Boo Chicks & Eggs WiperTags & Window Decal


$ 13.95 

Peep a boo!  These chicks are ready for spring!  Universal design fits most rear mounted rear wipers.  The best fit will be for wipers that go through the glass for alignment. 


WiperTag (top eggs) measure 11" x 1.5"
Decal with chicks measures 11" x 3.25" 

See in action!



1. Prior to attaching, make sure your wiper goes through the window with room under it for a decal.  Clean and dry your hands, window and wiper arm thoroughly.  Remove any debris from wiper blade and replace if necessary to ensure the blade does not damage the decal. 

2. Before removing back of decal, align under wiper arm leaving most of decal visible under the arm.  You may need to trim some of the decal off the bottom to fit.

3. Remove back of window decal and try to limit touching back.  Hold the wiper arm off of the window, align the decal straight under the wiper blade, and lay gently on the window.  Remove slowly and adjust as necessary.  Press decal firmly onto the window and work out any bubbles, pressing around the edges.  

4. Use the two locking strips in the packaging and press onto the wiper arm above the window decal.  Remove front paper off of strips, align the eggs WiperTag to the decal, and firmly press or squeeze on for 5-10 seconds until secure.  You can adjust the WiperTag slightly left or right if needed by unlocking strips and reattaching.

Removal and Care:

1. Keep WiperTag and decal clean for extended use.

2. Remove WiperTag prior to entering a car wash, then reattach by firmly pressing on until it 'snap locks' into place.

3.  When removing decal, they can sometimes be reused each year if you slowly peel off without tearing and place back onto the original paper.  Replacement decals will be available on the website if needed.

4. Keep the locking strips on your wiper and interchange with other designs throughout the year!