LYFT Oval Driver WiperTags


$ 9.95 $ 12.95

Designed for LYFT drivers, these WiperTag looks professional on your vehicle, and can be detached when not in use.  Suitable for your rear wiper or front/rear bumper.  

    About WiperTags  MADE IN USA! 

    WiperTags are FUN, creative, durable covers which attach to rear vehicle wipers.   

    • Available in many universal sizes, they're made to fit 99% of all rear vehicle wipers.  Refer to our FAQs for additional info.
    • Made with 100% UV-protected materials to help prevent fading, cracking, and peeling.
    • Designed for year-round weather conditions, including sun, rain, sleet, and snow.
    • Detachable and interchangeable with hundreds of other designs.
    • Also attach to bumpers, tailgates, or any smooth surface.
    • WiperTags can be made into just about any design, customized for organizations for fundraising, branding, and promotions.  Learn more about custom designs.