Eddie Christmas WiperTags


$ 19.95 

Guess who's coming over for Christmas? The decal character in a robe is very detailed with cigar and hat. The arm is holding a beer and waves back and forth when the wiper is on.

Universal size fits any lower mounted rear wiper but can also be mounted on the top (upside down) or side.  The arm is reversible (double sided) for left or right side. Both decal and WiperTags are removable/detachable and UV protected against fading.  The window decal is also laminated for additional protection.  

Approximate measurements:

  • Arm measures 9.25" L x 3.75" H (double sided L/R)
  • Window Decal measures 8.5" W x 11.5" H



  Simple installation:

  1. Clean and dry rear window and wiper thoroughly
  2. Attach waving arm to wiper according to the instructions on packaging.  You will be able to adjust slightly left or right as necessary.
  3. Before removing back of decal, align to the correct side of the wiper for positioning. The snowman decal should attach to the left since he's waving his left arm.  If needed, you can trim the decal to fit around the wiper arm if yours is mounted through the window.  
  4. Remove decal backing, align level with minimal touching on the adhesive, and from the bottom up gently lay the decal on the window pushing out any wrinkles on the way up.  Remove and realign if needed.  Save the paper backing if you want to reuse each season.  
  5. Follow up by using a credit card or something thin and flexible to push any wrinkles or bubbles towards the outside of the decal.
  6. To get the most from your decal, keep your wiper blades free of dirt and debris.  Remove the WiperTag arm before entering a car wash.    
  7. To remove the decal, make sure it is not freezing or it could tear.  Remove indoors or warm with a blow dryer.  Make sure your hands, window, and decal are clean and dry.  Simply pick off an edge and slowly peel off, then apply back to the original paper.  Remove WiperTag arm by tilting sideways and unlocking.  The number of times the decal can be reused varies depending on well it is taken care of.

Please check with your local and state laws regarding window decals and exterior accessories prior to ordering.