These funny, creepy, and entertaining designs are sure to grab attention and get people in the mood for Halloween or year round.

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Bloody Machete WiperTags
$ 13.95
These awesome bloody machete will ensure that people around you will wonder if you're a lunatic....
Dagger WiperTag Attach to Rear Wiper
Dagger WiperTag Attach to Rear Wiper Dagger WiperTag Attach to Rear Wiper New Sale
$ 12.95 $ 14.00
Dead Dave the Wave Zombie WiperTag with Decal
$ 19.95
Dead Dave the Wave lost his arm but he didn't lose his drive.  Universal size fits any lower mou...
Flying Vampire Bat WiperTags
$ 14.95
He's coming to suck your blood!  This awesome design simulates a flying bat on your rear wiper.  ...
Frankenwiper WiperTags
$ 12.95
GRRRRRRR....  Awesome Frankenstein design simulates him hanging onto a rear wiper.  Universal des...
Gory Chainsaw WiperTags
$ 12.95
You might be a horror movie fan if...   Universal size attaches securely to your rear wiper.  Do...
Helga the Witch WiperTag with Moon Decal
$ 17.95
Meet Helga, the Wicked Witch of interstate traffic.  Universal design fits most rear vehicle wip...
Jack O Lantern Pumpkin WiperTags
$ 12.95
Fun, creative jack o lanterns get you in the mood for fall.  Universal size attaches securely to...
Magic Broom WiperTag
$ 12.95
Hop on your magic broom and fly to your destination. Universal size fit most rear wipers, regardl...
Mummy Wave WiperTags
$ 14.95
This waving wrapped mummy will rise from the dead on your vehicle when the rear wiper is turned o...
Mystic Waving Black Kitten WipurrTags
$ 19.00
Mystic is a fantastic black kitten with green eyes and a spark of mischief.  Includes laminated, ...
Nightmare Arm WiperTags
$ 14.95
Don't fall asleep at the wheel. Universal sized Nightmare arm is designed to fit most rear wiper ...
Pirate Sword WiperTag
Pirate Sword WiperTag Pirate Sword WiperTag Sale
$ 13.00 $ 16.00
Arrrrrrrr... drivers will think twice about passing you.  Double sided reversible design.  Univer...
Skeleton Arm WiperTags
$ 12.95
Simulates a waving skeleton arm when rear wiper is in motion.  Universal size fits most rear wipe...
Skull Wings WiperTag
$ 11.95
Universal size fits all rear wipers. Measures 13" x 2.5"
Skully the Waving Dead Skeleton
$ 19.95
Drivers are going to die laughing when they experience Skully the skeleton waving at them at a s...
Stick Family Running Away Vinyl Decal
$ 5.95
Vinyl decal of stick family running away from blade.  Choose from running towards the left or rig...
Wagging Black Cat Tail WipurrTags
$ 19.00
These adorable wagging cat tail Wipurrtags will definitely turn some heads.  Includes laminated, ...
Waving Dead Zombie Arm WiperTags
$ 13.95
This Waving Dead arm is a great way to thank drivers for letting you over.  Two sizes available t...
Zed is Dead Zombie WiperTag and Decal
$ 14.95
Zed is dead, baby.  Amusing design combining Zed's brain exposed head on a wiper with window deca...
Zed Zombie WiperTag
$ 12.95
Zed Zombie has risen for his revenge on bad drivers.  Universal design fits most rear wipers.  UV...
Zombie Hunter Arm WiperTags
$ 13.95
Bring out your dead.  It's time to go zombie hunting!  Double-sided reversible design for univers...

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